Generate the Right Answer, Every Time.

Pongo monitors and automatically fixes RAG outputs with 1 line of code.

Fix Hallucinations Before They Happen.

Pongo's semantic filter technology greatly improves the performance of RAG pipelines using vector or hybrid search alone. We utilize multiple state of the art reranking models with our own search ranking algorithm to significantly improve context relevancy and reduce incorrect answer generations.

Measure Performance with Numbers, not Anecdotes.

Pongo constantly monitors your RAG pipeline, and quantifies the performance of your RAG pipeline using specialized LLMs and our own semantic filter technology.

Trusted by AI Developers Everywhere
“Pongo has made it incredibly easy to get accurate results when building RAG pipelines”
- Parsa Khazaeepoul, AI2 Startup Incubator
“Pongo has been an excellent addition to all of our RAG workflows. Integration was trouble-free and yielded noticeable performance boosts. The Pongo team has also delivered top-notch customer care.”
- Adhit Sankaran, cAIr Health

Identify Customer Problems in Real Time.

Pongo automatically flags and alerts you to problematic queries that have incorrect or incomplete context. This allows you to proactively help customers, and identify weak points in your RAG pipeline.

Deploy in 60 seconds.

You can add Pongo to you're pipeline for free with 1 line of code. If you don't want to modify your pipeline, you can use observe mode to generate a detailed report and quantify the benefits of Pongo.

Production Ready

Lightning Fast
On average Pongo adds ~350ms of latency to your application. If you're using an LLM, your users won't notice anything.
Security First
Pongo does not train on customer data. All user data encrypted and cryptographically scrambled.


  • 500 free queries / mo
  • We'll work with you to integrate Pongo
$59 / mo
  • 60K queries / mo
  • Basic Performance Monitoring
  • Weekly Performance Reports
$199 / mo
  • Real Time Alerts
  • 50% faster compute
  • Download Incorrect Queries
  • Optional BYOC Deployment
  • Custom Models and Analytics
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA


Can I self host Pongo?

Yes, Pongo can be deployed in a VPC. Just book a call with us, and we'll find the best option for you.

What is Pongo's latency?

Pongo adds 300ms to 400 ms for 50 documents of 512 tokens. By default requests are routed to US-West-2 in Oregon, please contact us if you need deployments in another region.

Is Pongo secure?

Yes, Pongo only stores data if you opt in. All data is encrypted, and cryptographically scrambled. No customer data is ever used to train our own models. We are in the process of getting SOC2 compliance.

Can I fine-tune Pongo?

Yes, however fine-tuning Pongo is a complex process as we utlize multiple models, and requires a non-trivial amount of quality data samples. However we do offer fine-tuned models to enterprise customers.