Industrial Strength Semantic Search

Connect your AI application to your data without needing to worry about embeddings, vector databases, ingestion pipelines, and app integrations.

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Stop Setting up Infrastructure, and Start Shipping.

Pin Point Accuracy

Pongo uses state of the art embedding and re-ranking models, along with our own proprietary search techniques so you get the right information every time.

Batteries Included

Get your product shipped sooner with Pongo. We manage the infrastructure you need to use AI retrieval at scale.

Built for Developers

Pongo makes it easy to silo, query, and manage data on behalf of your customers.

Plug and Play

Our Python and JS/TS libraries make it easy to connect your data and get started.


For Teams of Any Size



Upload up to 100k Tokens

Up to 10k queries a month

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Upload up to 500k Tokens

Up to 1M Queries a Month



/ mo

Upload up to 10M Tokens

Up to 15M Queries a Month


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