The Texting Platform Built For Creators

Start texting your fans with Pongo, and take ownership of your audience in less than 30 minutes.

Text Your Fans

Set And Forget


Pongo Autopilot makes it easy to intreact with thousands of fans at once.

Engage Your Audience


Collect valuable data, and keep your audience engaged with interactive polls.

Measure What Matters


Easily track clicks, collect subscriber data, and measure overall campaign perfomance.

It Works

Don't just take our word for it, today's most prominent creators are already texting their biggest fans.

“Having 70,000 people on a text messaging platform like I do right now converts better than having 3 million followers on Facebook.”

- Gary Vaynerchuk

Level Up

Take the next step as a creator by supercharging your earnings and engagement with Pongo.

  • 3x more purchases from links

    Creators that share links over text see 95% greater earnings and 3x more purchases than just sharing links on Instagram

  • 98% message open rate

    Make sure your followers never miss your latest updates, and protect yourself from algorithm changes.

  • 42% message engagement rate

    Engage your fans like never before, and turn your viewers into an engaged community.

  • Your Audience. Your Data.

    Unlike social media, you own your audience contact info and data you collect from your audience.

  • Unique Insights

    Understand your audience, with polls, brackets, and surveys. Collect everything from location data to their favorite foods.

  • Compliance Made Easy

    Pongo handles TCPA, CAN-SPAM, and CCPA compliance out of the box.

Start Texting Today

Apply today, and if you're a good fit we'll follow up with 30 minute call to get you onboarded and connect Pongo to your exisitng toolkit.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, shoot us an email here.

    • Do I text fans from my personal phone number?

      No. Pongo will provide you with a dedicated phone number connected to our app, you will be able to pick the area code of your Pongo number

    • How do I send text messages to my fans?

      You can setup automated campagins in the app, or send ad-hoc messages from the dashboard at anytime.

    • How do I get my fans phone numbers?

      We recommend making a poll, and asking your fans to respond over text on Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube. We'd also recommend putting your phone number in your bio across platforms and embedding it as a contact option on your Instagram profile

    • What countries does Pongo work in?

      Pongo is currently open to creators in the US and Canada.

    • What type of creators does Pongo work with?

      We work with creators of various audience sizes from over 5m to 25k. We work with creators that are serious about building a community, and want to build an audience independent of a single platform.

    • Does Pongo work with agencies?

      Yes. Pongo has special offerings for talent agencies to manage campaigns for their roster, and manage data across their creators.